AbiProt® scans the whole intact protein surface using proteases as molecular probes and identifies accessible antibody binding sites.

      A breakthrough antibody discovery platform

      Our patented antibody technology AbiProt® identifies new therapeutic antibodies that not only bind to a target protein with high specificity and affinity — in many cases they can also be programmed to have a particular pharmacological function. We believe the technology will enable the development of more effective medicines against difficult-to-drug target proteins that cannot be addressed with traditional antibody technologies.


      Using proteases as molecular probes

      Our proprietary technology AbiProt® can identify accessible antibody-binding sites on native-state proteins in the cell membrane by combining microfluidics and proteases as molecular probes. The platform yields detailed sequence and structure information for epitope identification, antigen design and antibody development and is proven to identify novel antibody binding sites on difficult-to-drug targets (e.g. ion-channels and G protein-coupled receptors).

      Applicable for soluble and membrane bound proteins

      AbiProt® can generate antibodies against soluble and membrane bound proteins and have successfully produced both antagonistic and agonistic antibodies to an ion channel (TRPV1).


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