About Oblique Therapeutics

Oblique Therapeutics is a privately held biotech company, founded 2015 in Gothenburg, Sweden, focusing on developing drugs for severe diseases with large unmet medical needs such as pain, advanced cancer and diabetes. We are curiosity- and innovation-driven, developing a solid portfolio based on asset-generation through our game-changing antibody platform, Abiprot™.

Our approach is different: we start with patients and their need for new medicines. In the majority of cases we select targets, which have been clinically or genetically validated often by small molecule approaches, that were highly efficacious but failed due to severe toxicity. We use our unique platform, Abiprot™, with the aim to develop novel therapeutic antibodies against these targets while maintaining efficacy but with a completely different and improved toxicity profile. We also run two programs addressing disruptive but scientifically compelling targets.

The platform technology

Our patented biologics platform technology, Abiprot™, identifies new therapeutic antibodies that not only bind to a target protein with high specificity and affinity – they can also in many cases be programmed to have a particular pharmacological action. We call these antibodies FTABS™. We believe that the technology will enable the development of more effective medicines against target proteins that cannot be addressed with traditional antibody technology. Instead, our technology focuses on GPCRs and ion channels as well as previously undruggable targets.

Pipeline of six

Oblique Therapeutics currently has six development programs in its pipeline: five are FTABS™ antibodies obtained with Abiprot™ within pain, advanced cancer and diabetes with a sixth program being a small molecule anticancer agent. Of these, three programs are developed in collaboration with leading pharmaceutical companies in their respective fields.

Five-year outlook and beyond

We are committed to finding treatments for severe diseases with large unmet clinical needs such as pain, advanced cancer and diabetes using our unique angle of a targeted functionality antibody approach. This is only the start, our ambitious but realistic goal is to generate novel medicines against any disease-modifying human protein target as AbiProt™, our biologics platform, has that potential. We welcome proposals for collaboration, and our ambition is to run up to half of our programs together with pharma companies that hold key competences in therapeutic areas outside of our scope. It is our hope that we have up to 15 development programs running in 2022.