Pipeline-buildning biotech with game-changing antibody platform

Oblique Therapeutics is a curiosity-driven, innovative biotech company with strong scientific acumen and drive for increasing the bandwidth of antibody therapeutics, focusing on advanced cancer and pain.

Introducing the pioneering AbiprotTM technology

We have a solid portfolio of promising future medicines and proprietary AbiprotTM technology, our evergreen antibody platform that can generate functional antibodies to any given disease-modifying target. We are focusing on finding new treatment paradigms for severe diseases such as advanced cancer and pain. We also work on two type 2 diabetes programs through a collaboration with big pharma.

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Find out more about our portfolio

Oblique Therapeutics currently has six development programs in the pipeline: five are FTABS™ antibodies obtained with Abiprot™ in the areas of pain, advanced cancer and diabetes. The sixth program involves a small molecule anticancer agent. Three programs are being developed in collaboration with leading pharmaceutical companies.

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