Asset-generation through our game-changing antibody platform

      We are driven by curiosity and innovation to develop a solid portfolio based on asset-generation through our game-changing antibody platform, AbiProt®. Our approach is different: we start with patients and their needs for new medicines. Our goal is to generate novel medicines against any disease-modifying human protein target.

      We are committed to finding treatments for severe diseases with large unmet clinical needs such as pain and aggressive metastatic cancer using our unique angle of a targeted functionality antibody approach.

      Oblique Therapeutics:

      • is a curiosity-driven, innovative biotech company with strong scientific acumen and drive for increasing the bandwidth of antibody therapeutics, focusing on pain and aggressive metastatic cancer.
      • has a vision to be a global industry leader focused on transformative antibody medicines against pain and aggressive cancer.
      • with the ambition in ten years to have 2–3 antibody drug approvals per year