Oblique Therapeutics presents tumor growth inhibition and Treg-lowering data for OT-1096 in humanized mouse TNBC model at oncology congress ESMO

Gothenburg, 09 Oct 2018 – Oblique Therapeutics, a biotech focused on new medicines for severe diseases with large unmet medical needs, today announced that it will present new promising preclinical data for the drug candidate OT-1096 in triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) at the largest oncology congress in Europe, the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO), held 19-23 October in Munich, Germany.

The new data of the first-in-class anti-cancer agent OT-1096 shows promising preliminary results with improved tumor growth inhibition compared to pembrolizumab, one of the blockbuster drugs within immunooncology. The humanized TNBC PDX mouse-model, used in this study, allows for the growth of a breast cancer derived from a patient, in the presence of a human immune system. The results suggest that OT-1096 reduces tumor growth by two associated mechanisms; direct cancer cell killing activity by redox system modulation that, in turn, results in a beneficial immunomodulatory action through lowering of regulatory T-cells within the TIL* population as compared to controls. The results warrant further investigations of OT-1096 in TNBC and other aggressive cancers. Treatment with OT-1096 shows no safety or tolerability concerns.

“First of all, it is an honor to be recognized by ESMO, and we are thrilled to exhibit our promising results for OT-1096 for the first time. Even more so, being part of changing the treatment landscape for cancer at this time is exciting for us: the 2018 Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded for pioneering work in immunooncology and we see more and more traction and exciting results from novel immunomodulatory small molecules, such as ours, with the capacity to favorably change the immune system inside tumors ,” said Prof. Owe Orwar, CEO at Oblique Therapeutics.

TNBC is an aggressive subtype of breast cancer associated with poor prognosis and limited treatment options, and new effective medicines are needed. Globally, two million people are diagnosed with breast cancer every year; of which 10-13 percent has TNBC.

Prof. Owe Orwar, CEO at Oblique Therapeutics, will present a poster (441P) with the title: “OT-1096, a first-in-class immunoactivating small molecule that targets the thioredoxin reductase/thioredoxin axis causes strong tumor growth inhibition by downregulating intratumoral Tregs in a humanized TNBC-PDX model” on Monday 22 October 2018 at 12:45-13:45. The abstract is available through esmo.org: https://cslide.ctimeetingtech.com/esmo2018/attendee/confcal/show/session/258 (search: 441P)

For more information, please contact:
Prof. Owe Orwar, CEO
Email: owe@obliquet.com

About OT-1096
OT-1096 is a next-generation first-in-class small molecule immunomodulator with anti-cancer activity. The initial clinical focus is on targeting advanced triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) but the program will be extended to include other forms of metastatic and advanced cancer that fits to the mechanism of action of OT-1096.

About Oblique Therapeutics
Oblique Therapeutics is a privately held Swedish biotech, developing innovative new medicines for severe diseases with a large unmet medical need focusing on pain, and advanced cancer. We use AbiprotTM, an in-house-invented, next-generation antibody platform that can generate antibodies with programmed function against the full human proteome. The portfolio comprises three in-house programs – two antibody candidates: aKRAS in advanced cancer, aTRPV1 in pain; and the small molecule OT-1096 in triple-negative breast cancer. In addition, we have two antibodies in collaboration with a large pharma company. We make medicines that matter to patients. https://obliquet.com//

*TIL – Tumor Infiltrating Lympocytes