The pioneering AbiProt® technology is a completely new concept in antibody discovery. It has proven capabilities to deliver antibodies against clinically meaningful targets, previously undruggable with conventional antibody technologies. AbiProt® is a scalable breakthrough innovation with potential to impact the lives of millions of patients. Some call it a revolution, we call it magic.

      About AbiProt®

      Making a difference for patients lacking treatment options

      We focus on developing new antibody medicines in pain and aggressive-metastatic cancer. These conditions are in strong need of effective therapies that can only be solved by breakthrough science and innovation. The AbiProt® technology has proven to deliver precision antibodies against clinically meaningful targets in these two disease areas.

      About our pipeline

      Committed to transform antibody therapeutics

      We are a team of pharma professionals and young talent with strong scientific and business acumen. We have a proven track record of bringing drugs to the market, excellence in science, and product development. We are devoted to change the life of patients through innovation.

      About our Team