Oblique Collaboration

      Oblique Theraputics is collaborating with AAX Biotech that will leverage their proprietary epitope mapping technology, Seqitope™, to accelerate the advancement of Oblique Therapeutics’ programs.

      The collaboration will commence with AAX Biotech applying its cutting-edge Seqitope™ technology to characterize antibody candidates of Oblique Therapeutics’ pain program targeting TRPV1, providing invaluable insights for the next phase of development. This is the start of a broader and lasting collaboration, where AAX Biotech and Oblique Therapeutics intend to jointly work on future drug candidates.

      Oblique Therapeutics is enthusiastic about the collaboration. Christer Nordstedt, CEO of Oblique Therapeutics, expresses, “The collaboration with AAX will give Oblique Therapeutics the opportunity to understand how our drug candidates interact with their target at a level that has not been possible for us before. It also allows us to predict the candidate’s specificity and potential risks of side effects at such an early stage that they can be avoided. My personal guess is that mapping specificity at this level will be an integrated part of the development of therapeutic antibodies.”

      Please contact business_development@obliquet.com for more information