We are proud to have been recognised by StartUp City Magazine as one of the most promising European Biotech startups in 2019!

      Press release

      Oblique Therapeutics has been recognized as one of the 15 most promising Biotech startups in Europe 2019, by StartUp City magazine

      Gothenburg, Sweden, July 17, 2019 – Oblique Therapeutics, a Swedish biotech focusing on generating novel therapeutic antibodies towards severe diseases such as cancer and pain, has been honored as one of the most promising biotech startup in Europe 2019 by StartUp City magazine. An interview with the CEO, Owe Orwar is featured on the cover story of the BioTech special issue published this month.

      StartUp City Magazine: “Oblique Therapeutics is uncovering medical breakthroughs in antibody therapeutics using its proporietary technology platform AbiprotTM ”. The AbiprotTM technology enables the development of antibodies against difficult-to-drug targets such as ion channels and certain G-protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) that can translate into new effective treatment options for large groups of patients in need of new medicines.

      “It is an honor to receive this recognition, and we are devoted to continue on building and advancing our pipeline with new antibody therapeutics that matters to patients” says Owe Orwar, CEO

      The article can be accessed from: Biotech-startup

      For more information, please contact:
      Owe Orwar, CEO
      Email: owe@obliquet.com

      About Oblique Therapeutics
      Oblique Therapeutics is a privately held Swedish biotech developing innovative new medicines for severe diseases with a large unmet medical need focusing on pain, and advanced cancer.  The company uses AbiprotTM, an in-house-invented, next-generation antibody platform that can generate antibodies with programmed function against the full human proteome. The portfolio comprises three in-house programs – two antibody candidates: aKRAS in advanced cancer, aTRPA1 in pain; and the small molecule OT-1096 in triple-negative breast cancer. In addition, there are three antibodies programs in collaboration with pharma. Oblique Therapeutics makes medicines that matter to patients.