Oblique Therapeutics currently has eleven programs in the pipeline with a focus on pain and aggressive-metastatic cancer

                                                                           Three current programs are being developed in collaboration with leading pharmaceutical companies

OT-1096: Lead candidate in TNBC

OT-1096 is a next-generation small molecule immunomodulator targeting advanced metastasized triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC). Preclinical studies have shown positive efficacy. While TNBC is being targeted first, given today’s huge lack of effective treatment options, the aim is to be able to extend into other types of cancers in the future

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aTRPV1: Lead candidate in pain

The pain receptor transient receptor potential vanilloid 1 (TRPV1) is an ion channel that has a central role in peripheral nociception and neurogenic inflammation. As the next generation of pain therapy, TRPV1 antagonists are currently one of the most investigated candidates in the field. Oblique Therapeutics has developed antagonistic stimuli-selective antibodies against TRPV1 in order to maximize pain relief and circumvent side effects.

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aKRAS: Lead candidate in colorectal cancer

Oblique has developed aKRAS with the Abiprot™ platform: antagonistic antibodies with single amino acid selectivity against mutated KRAS.

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